Baptism & Confirmation

Baptism @ Woodridge –  We welcome all baptisms at our church and baptize any age person.  We do not “re – baptize” a person who has been properly baptized under ecumenical agreements that are recognized by the United Church of Christ (UCC), our national denomination.  We normally baptize infants, but there is no required age.  Sometimes we baptize youth or adults who have not been baptized and do so with all the joy of the sacrament.  We do not do private baptisms.  All baptisms are scheduled as part of our weekly worship service.  Normally, the pastor will request that a person or family who is interested in being baptized attend worship for a period of time so you get to know us and we get to know you.  In addition, the pastor will meet with the family or person to discuss why they are inquiring about baptism and to explain the meaning of baptism within our community and the faith promises that are expected.

Confirmation @ Woodridge – Normally when a young person reaches 8th grade, we invite him or her to enter a year-long confirmation program.  We also welcome older youth if they want to be confirmed.  The program has 3 parts to it.  First is to experience the wider congregation through a regular requirement of worship and participation in youth group.  Second is to work on a statement of faith that encourages young people to explore their faith and the key understandings of Christianity.  And third, there is work with adult mentors on guiding the youth into membership in the congregation.  The pastor teaches the confirmation class.  The person being confirmed must be baptized and, if this is needed, it is added to the confirmation process.  The program does require a minimum number of youth so it does not run every year.

If you are interested in baptism or confirmation in our community – the first step is to contact our pastor at 401 – 942 – 0662 or  

Scott Spencer, Pastor

Woodridge Congregational Church

(508) 838 – 6035 – cell