Laura Dillon; mother of 3 young children
Woodridge Youth Ministries have been instrumental in raising our children in the Christian Faith. There is a deep connection to the teachings of Jesus and how we are responsible to live that in our every day life, through hands-on mission trips, local mission projects, and classroom lessons. We love the fact that our children are being raised in such a diverse, accepting, loving community.
Katie Howe; new member
I really appreciated the genuine welcome that I received when I arrived at Woodridge Congregational Church. I was welcomed by everyone when I walked in the door, and more importantly when I returned the following week. That's exactly what I was looking for in a church, a church where I could be a part of a community.
Dawn Handrich
My daughter loves being part of the Woodridge Youth Group because she can make friends with kids from nearby UCC churches.
Marie & Frank Bouchard

Woodridge Church offers something for everyone. There is a sense of community and support that make us feel like we are part of a family rather than members. We also love that the church community is truly open to all - so different from other experiences.
The sermons are very helpful in helping us to remember that our faith will carry us through no matter what our struggles might be.
Then, of course, there is the fun side. Woodridge hosts many events that brings people of all ages together in a great way and builds lasting relationships.

Barbara Spencer
I love the diversity of our church. It is such a healthy community.
Rebecca Beaton
I love when the church has events because you can meet many people.
Martha Ryan
My family members like to come to the Irish Italian night. We all love the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and pasta & meatballs. The home made Zeppolas are fabulous. And, the orange cake is the best!
Barbara Gloria
Woodridge is so welcoming. Everyone is so friendly. You feel at home immediately and it’s like one big happy family.
Carmen & Les Steinbrecker
We love Woodridge United Church of Christ because it has a strong faith based community. It is warm, welcoming and open to all. It has a wonderful music program and ongoing youth programs. Woodridge has an intergenerational congregation that cares about each other. It holds true to traditions while creating new ones in the process. Woodridge is an important part of our lives.