On-Line Worship

For those who prefer to view worship online, we continue to offer video recorded worship services for the current week and the previous week. 

 Special thanks to Bob Ryan for video production.


 Weekend Worship on YouTube …

The YouTube video recording of Sunday’s service and is available on Monday (the day after the service). The YouTube recording is available here on the church website, Facebook and through an email sent at the beginning of the week. For all who are comfortable, we encourage you to try our in person worship service at 10 am each Sunday. But if you are more comfortable watching the service at home – please enjoy a full taping of the service on Monday or whenever it is convenient for you. Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions, please contact pastor Scott.


View our recorded Sunday service – find the link on our home page, Facebook page and email.

View (& print if you wish) the worship bulletin, here:  March 19 Worship